Welcome to The Fire Garden

The land that has become known as The Fire Garden has a rich history. The original owners were farmers and this was once farmland, giving life to its caretakers, providing sanctuary as they aged.
When the originals were gone the land went into disuse and the house, originally built in 1920 was in dire straits.
Tony D'Aula, welder/ artist was looking for a space to call his own. A place where he could create his artwork and build a life for himself and a sanctuary for his dogs..

After 3 years of repairing the house, clearing and grading the land and starting to add his artwork and intention to the property , Tony opened his gate to the community,
Who came and saw his vision to bring like-minded people together to enjoy the nature of his garden and who through time, have forged relationships that endure much as Tonys metal sculptures will also live on.
Enter and enjoy Tonys creation
If you feel inspired to have a piece of The Fire Garden for your home ,
Tony would be honored to create a piece that's perfect for your space.


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